Friday, January 7, 2011

Pisces 2011 March Horoscope

Communication holds the key to love and romance for you this Month, Pisces, and fortunately you have plenty of energy for that, beginning 10th March. By the time of Month's Quarter Moon, you are fully ready to rock your own boat with exuberance and style. It won't necessarily be easy, but it is guaranteed to be fun in the long run.

Aquarius 2011 March Horoscope

Your home and family life gets a terrific boost this Month, Aquarius, beginning 10th March. You have loads of energy for this area, or possibly for delving into the psychological roots of your being. Then, by the time Month's Quarter Moon unfolds, you seek to transform yourself in this same way, perhaps through an entirely new evaluation of your role in terms of service to others.

Capricorn 2011 March Horoscope

Romance and creativity are in the earth for you, Capricorn. You have lots of fun getting grounded this Month, especially 10th March. Six days later, by Wednesday, all that joyous constructing and deconstructing leads you into dreaming a whole new way to do partnership. Something happens in romantic circles that perhaps has to do with your home and family, or the roots of your personal security. Seize the moment!

Sagittarius 2011 March Horoscope

You put yourself on the line this Month, Sagittarius, as you begin this 10th March with your truest viewpoint yet on practical idealism of service to a higher purpose. The universe shines on your efforts, and you have so much energy it's almost unbelievable. You cast your bread upon the waters and it comes back buttered and mapled French Toast.

Scorpio 2011 March Horoscope

You are full to the brim with the energy of sharing, Scorpio, with serious exuberance and joyous responsibility you pave the way for utterly transforming your value system around partnership with others. Who said you couldn't play nice? Partnership leads to intimacy, and intimacy leads to re-evaluating what really matters to you, over the longest possible haul.

Libra 2011 March Horoscope

You are really feeling the "urge to merge" these days, especially on 10th March, when you will likely get an extra burst of energy for intimacy and personal transformation through another. Then on 20th March, when Venus enters Aries, you will find yourself even more partnership oriented. An athletic and sexy Monthend segues into a blue Monday and Month, when career and job issues take on more significance. But, and what it's really all about – you are on a path of challenging transformation. Communication and creativity hold some of the keys for bringing it all together, Libra. Bon chance!

Virgo 2011 March Horoscope

Travel and intellectual horizons beckon you this 10th March, Virgo, as you feel both pushed to really go for it, and pulled back into more responsible attitudes, all at the very same time! After feeling perhaps some conflict over career versus home and family over the Monthend, by next Month you are more ready to embrace your future. Ideals of service to others, including other family members, may become very important at this time. Remember to breathe!